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The company has many years of valuable experience in providing exhibition logistics services for our customers, and has a perfect agency network to provide customers with a complete set of door-to-door logistics services for various exhibitions around the world, including (whole container, bulk cargo, air transportation, etc.). 

The service content covers the pre exhibition scheme design, temporary import and export customs declaration at the export port and import port, transportation from the unloading port to the booth, logistics services in the exhibition hall, and arranging special personnel at the destination port to provide inquiry and tracking services during the exhibition, which can allow customers to quickly grasp the goods and the relevant removal work after the exhibition, And according to the specific requirements of the exhibition and the actual situation of customers, formulate efficient logistics distribution plans for customers, save a lot of exhibition transportation costs for customers, and let customers participate and withdraw easily and smoothly. Create greater value for customers with the service concept of "housekeeper".




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